Mani's Ī¤radition

We offer tradition and quality daily to you.

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Tradional bread with yeast, daily handmade lalagia, rusks with yeast and every kind of bakery.


Traditional milk pie, handmade diples and a wide variety of sweets.

Local Products

Mani's honey, pasta, sea salt, olive oil and more.


We can make products for any event and we ship them throughout the country.

About us

Proud for out tradition

Our goal is to keep Mani's Tradition alive.

Daily with pride and passion we offer you a trip in time through our products.

A trip in traditional and unenslaved Mani.

Recipes that thrived in the pass of time, carried out as in the past and accompanied by warm and frienly service.

Taste a wide variety of local products from handmade Diples, fresh Lalagia, tradional pies, and bread with yeast to local honey, pasta, olive oil and sea salt.

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Mani's Local Bakery

Areopolis Entrance, Greece

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